So, we couldn’t tune your piano…

by vkungs


16/01/2013 16:00

It happens much more often than one would expect, and certainly more than we’d like, but unfortunately, we are finding that an increasing number of instruments we’re called to tune are simply no longer tunable, at least not “gainfully” in their current state. Often years of neglect, exposure to dry or otherwise extreme temperatures, or simply age and regular wear and tear have damaged the instrument to the point where tuning it would do more harm than good. While often in these cases we could certainly bring it reasonably in tune at a lower pitch, such a piano tuning would most certainly last only a negligible amount of time, most likely only weeks, until the owner would once again be calling to have their instrument re-tuned. While we understand it may at times be disappointing to our customers, our company policy is strictly to not perform such non-beneficial tunings. We cannot take pride in work we know is substandard and will not provide the customer with any lasting gains.

In such cases, we do not charge for “dead calls”, as other may do, we instead prefer to provide affected customers with a free repair estimate addressing the underlying conditions which are keeping the piano from being properly tuned (more often than not loose tuning pins, cracked pinblocks and other structural issues). In most cases, attending to these issues sooner than later results in considerable savings down the road, and ensures that future piano tuners will be able to provide a tuning that will last and truly be beneficial to the customer.