Piano Repair & Restoration

Our piano repair and restoration team has restored everything from old English style bird-cage pianos, weathered uprights suffering from extensive water damage, to intricate,¬†detailed Canadian heirlooms and modern grands that were untimely victims of¬†our harsh Northern climate. Whatever your cherished piano’s ailment, we have the solution.

Cabinet Restoration
Whether your piano’s cabinet requires minimal touch-up work to fix up some scratches and dings, to a complete restoration, stripping down to the bare wood and building it back up again, we can make your grand or upright piano look better than new. We offer a full service repair shop that will restore everything to its original lustre, from the brass or chrome hardware, to the music desk and bench. Finishes can be reproduced to original appearance, or customized to your liking. In most cases an identical or similar fall board decal can be installed, with reasonable replicas provided when none are available.


Structural Work
Damage and wear to your piano’s pinblock, harp, soundboard, tuning pins and strings can greatly diminish your instrument’s sound, performance and value. Keeping these key components in optimal condition not only keeps you playing up to par, but can help you avoid much costlier repairs down the road. Fixing things properly now is a lot cheaper than buying a new piano. We provide a full spectrum of structural repair work to keep your piano sounding and performing up to par. Repinning or pin tightening work can often be performed on-site in your home to save on moving expenses, while other more complex pinblock and soundboard work is completed in our Toronto workshop.

Mechanical Work (Action, keys and dampers)
If it moves, it can wear down, loosen up or stop functioning all together. We specialize in bringing tired old instruments back to life. Whether it’s re-filing/shaping existing hammers back to their intended optimal shape and stike point, replacing aged and worn damper felts or repairing slow moving keys and adjusting the piano’s touch, we have the know-how and years of expertise to improve your piano’s playability and get it back to where you want it. Regular tuning, voicing and regulation work is imparitive to the over-all health of your piano.

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