How To Restore Your Piano To Its Former Glory

by ivories

Pianos are treasured pieces of art. Means of acquiring them are varied as some are inherited while others are bought at garage sales. It does not matter where you got it from, a total restoration is possible, but there are certain major things that need to be looked at during the repair for it to make any sense. It can either be rebuilt or reconditioned.

Consult with an expert

Piano restoration in Toronto is now easier than it was years ago. It is advisable to get a professional to come and assess your piano’s worth, and the amount of work needed on the piano. Some pianos may not be worth repairing and you’d end up losing money on an unworthy piano. The general consensus among professionals is that if it’s less than 30 years old, its chances of repair are higher. The professional will advise on what needs to be repaired, and the cost.


The piano is pulled apart piece by piece. Everything is photographed before and after .The parts are then catalogued to ensure that during assembly, every piece goes back as it was. It is then dried out to get rid of any lingering moisture. Drying prevents the wood from warping or shrinking during the restorative process.

Pinblock restoration

A pinblock is one of the most vital parts of a piano. It holds the tuning pins tightly to prevent the piano from going out of tune .In Piano restoration, the fitting of the pinblock properly is critical to the future tuning of the rebuilt piano.


A piano soundboard is the surface the strings vibrate on. The soundboard of a piano is like that of a violin, it gets better with age .If it is not damaged, the best one is the original one. It could be water damaged, fire damaged, or worse. If so, that makes it irreparable and there is need for a new one.

Action parts are all the moveable or mechanical parts pushed up by the key. These are parts that are susceptible to wear and tear and can be easily replaced. The quality of these parts you replace is according to what you are able to afford. There are cheaper and less durable ones and vice versa. But that does not always mean the original ones can’t be repaired

Cabinet restoration

The cabinet can be restored if it’s not too badly damaged. Some pianos may be antiques and might have been stored in less than desirable conditions. After years of use and exposure  to elements, the wood warps, cracks and the varnish peels off .By restoring it, the wood is stripped down and restored to its original look .It is buffed and shined to the luster of its yesteryear. It is much cheaper to restore an old piano than it is to buy a new one. A new one will set you back double the restoration price! Antiques pose a great challenge, from parts being unavailable, to them having being neglected to a point of no repair, so it’s always wise to get an expert opinion first.

Pianos are masterpieces of musical art. They add a magnificent and majestic look to a home. They bring warmth and closeness to a family that plays together. If it is a family heirloom, there are sentimental values attached to it, and it’s natural to want to restore it.

The professional who inspects it is able to advise whether it is possible to either recondition or renew the piano, and how much it will cost from start to finish. Pianos that are thirty years or younger are usually far much easier to recondition or rebuild as parts are available. All in all, nothing is impossible, it may turn out to be an expensive venture, but for that family heirloom, it’s well worth every penny!